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Maureen M.

I feel the need to do something i never do. I want to share a private issue…about my struggle with chronic pain, and a new development. It has been so very hard, and very private. But I want to share that the quality of my life has been improved since I have become a patient of Dr.Thiele. I feel cared for, because he takes time to know me and my situation. He listens and respects my thoughts and concerns. He applies great dedication to my treatment, and genuinely wants to help. He exemplifies what we all wish the healthcare field would~could~should be…and I am so VERY grateful

Jim Schnieders

I’m 68 years old and have suffered from chronic lower back pain for many years. I’ve found that chiropractic treatment can help reduce this pain. My wife and I recently moved to the Des Moines area and I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Thiele. He did a thorough evaluation of my spine (complete with x-rays) and began treatments which have greatly reduced both the level of pain and the frequency of the pain I’ve been experiencing over the past several months. Dr. Thiele is personable, professional and, best of all, effective in treating my pain.

Jenn Kudrna

We had a great experience under the care of Dr. Thiele. My 6 year old daughter has had some health concerns and dealing with leg pain since she was 3 years old. Dr. Thiele was very patient, informative, and thorough with us. We have not had to deal with any pain since the 1st day of treatment.

Jody Bridge

After seeing several chiropractors with little to no results, I found Dr. Thiele a few years ago and immediately began feeling better. Dr. Thiele is very thorough and professional, and will address in detail any concerns you have. He really gets to know you so he can help in every aspect of your health and well being- that is so hard to find in a doctor, and for me it is incredibly important! I have always been very interested in diet and supplements. Our conversations have educated me and gotten me back on track, and I have never felt better! Dr. Thiele takes his time with his patients- I have never left feeling rushed or with questions unanswered. Whether you need to have an adjustment, are in need of improving your overall health, or simply wondering how chiropractic can benefit you, Dr. Thiele clearly has the experience and tools to help you feel your best- and you will!!

Jenny Beecher

Dr. Thiele is great! Not only did he resolve the original issue I went in for, but after seeing him regularly, I have enjoyed a noticeable different in my range of motion. I wish I had started seeing him sooner! He is very thorough and has gone above and beyond to show me various exercises I can do to stay feeling great. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience!

Kim Naberhaus

Dr. Thiele makes practical suggestions and really cares about my health. I was excited that after 2 weeks of treatments I’m not having as many hot flashes which I found out can be a result of my body healing itself when it is aligned properly.

Ashley Pudenz

Great experience with Dr. Thiele. He has a wide range of experience that he uses to properly diagnose you and explains it in a way you can understand. He is very professional as well as authentic. He wants to provide you with proper care that will fix your issues, not just address them until the next appointment. I would very highly recommend him.

Ben Grotzke

Dr. Thiele took excellent care of me. He walked trough my x-rays with me and walked me through what he was doing to me when He adjusted my me. He takes pride in is patients and is work. If you are looking for a god chiropractor for you and your family than look no further than this man right here. Thank you Dr. Thiele.

Koda Snyder

Great experience! I am unable to have chiropractic treatments, but often go to Dr. Thiele for advice and was very surprise about the level of professionalism and compassion. Most doctors will only help if they are able to profit from it. Dr. Thiele purely cares for his patients.

Shannon Mitchell

My husband started seeing Dr. Thiele a few years ago after suffering from intense muscle spasms in his back. After just one adjustment, he noticed immediate relief, and once following a regular chiropractic plan, has not experienced any further issues. Once we saw what an honest, caring, and capable chiropractor Dr. Thiele is, we decided to place our whole family in his care. Since doing so, each of us has benefited from better movement and improved overall health, which means fewer doctor visits and out of pocket copays/deductibles! Dr. Thiele is passionate about healthy eating and supplements, and we have learned so much through information he has shared. We hands down recommend receiving care from him, whether it’s work-related, accident-related, or better yet, just to maintain or improve your overall health. You won’t be disappointed!

Dominic Garrett

Dr Thiele is best thing since slice bread….everything about Cory is true thru and thru, his adjustments were very helpful, and explanations made sense. He doesn’t talk over your head nor treat you like a ‘patient. Highly recommended!!!

Grant Bell

Great experience with Dr. Thiele. I am able to get adjusted whenever I need, especially before games, to loosen up and perform better. The results have been awesome. Highly recommended.

Maria Montalvo

Fixed me up, now I can breathe normal. Recommended.