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Dr. Thiele’s Top 5 Health Tips

Dr. Thiele’s Top 5 Health Tips


1.)              Eat Food from Mother Earth.  Organic, raw, and unprocessed is best.  Mostly veggies and fruits.  Avoid “food” that is processed, genetically modified, sprayed with chemicals, full of antibiotics and hormones, and grown on nutrient depleted soil.  Reduce dairy and grain consumption…yes, even whole grains.  Choose grass-fed meat, wild game, and wild fish (never farmed).  Consider supplementing with a high quality Omega 3 fatty acid.  Avoid Aspartame (toxic) and High Fructose Corn Syrup (we feed corn to cattle to make them fat, fast…guess what it does to us?)

Woman with healthy food and weights2.)              Exercise regularly.  30 minutes of brisk walking, 5 days/week has shown to have profound effects on health and ability to avoid disease and illness.  Reduces Alzheimer’s by 50%, dementia by 37%, colon cancer by 50%, and mortality in patients with moderate- severe CHF by 63%.  Exercise of greater length or intensity increases the health benefits.  Core exercises are great for spinal strength/stability.

3.)              Stress Management.  Whether it is prayer, meditation, yoga, tai chi, exercise, “Me Time,” etc.  Find a way to wind down.  Studies show that stress leads to 80% of all doctor visits.

4.)              Sleep well.  Your body heals when it gets to shut down.  Deep sleep is vital for healing and repair.  Spend the $$ on a good mattress and pillow (orthopedic type if you have neck pain and headaches).  We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so it is money well spent.

5.)              Get Adjusted!  Chiropractic care improves your health by improving your body’s natural ability to care and regulate itself via the nervous system.  It is a preventative health care which helps you to stay healthy and vital.  If your nervous system doesn’t work well, neither do you.T logo color-print


If we eat better, exercise, reduce stress, rest, and have a properly functioning nervous system we will DRAMATICALLY improve our health and live a more enjoyable, pain free life.

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